Living Legends of Aviation - Innovation Talk


Living Legends of Aviation Europe Innovation Talk

What the future of mobility might look like

Following on from 2019, the Innovation Talk was held once again in 2022 as part of the Living Legends of Aviation Award ceremony at scalaria.

High-profile representatives from the aviation and automotive sectors engaged in heated discussions about potential scenarios for future mobility

and the question of faith in e-mobility – battery powered vs hydrogen driven – was also raised. Everyone agreed that the future can only be created by working together.


To kick off the topic, four case studies were presented by distinguished representatives: Robert Kremnitzer, Head of Design at Diamond Aircraft,

with the eDA-40, the first pure and production-ready electric aircraft; Philip Scheffel, CEO of Apus Group, who wants to launch zero-emissions aircraft from

2030 onwards using hydrogen; Mark Robert Henning, CEO of Autoflight Europe, who aims to put intra-city and inner-city traffic in the air with an electric

vertical take-off aircraft called Prosperity 1; and Brendan Norman, CEO of H2X Global, who wants to develop 100% sustainable and zero-emissions taxis

and delivery vans with hydrogen fuel cells with his company.


At the following panel talk, Dr Bernd Mlekusch, Vice President of the Exterior Division at Audi, Jochen Werner, Vice President of AIRBUS Industry Design,

Robert Dewar, Senior Vice President of AIRBUS Canada and Head Engineer at A220, Dr Robert Irlinger, Head of Development for New Cluster Architecture (New Class)

at BMW and Stefan von Czarnecki, Director of Sales and Business Development at KTM Technologies, stressed the importance and significance of working together

and across sectors on the major challenges of our time and finding joint solutions. There was a sense of optimism amongst participants in the discussion, yet there

was also agreement that there was still a long way to go.


The second Innovation Talk at scalaria was not marked by ready-made solutions. The focus was more on the recognition that a future featuring

modern and sustainable mobility can be designed more quickly and effectively if people exchange ideas, communicate on an equal footing and learn from each other.

The aim of the event was to bring the aviation and automotive sectors together and to meet people in person to take the next steps. Everyone encounters the same

problems at some point. At the moment, the strongest momentum is in developing ideas, starting projects, learning from the identified mistakes of others,

trying out new methods and thus progressing towards the big picture.


The overall feedback from participants and the audience was that scalaria’s initiative to invite KTM Technologies to this summit meeting

on future mobility was an enriching experience filled with exciting insights and concrete ideas. We humans are once again at a point in history

where courage, ingenuity and teamwork are more in demand than profit incentives and isolated research.


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