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scalaria I europe ́s superior event resort

A resort that is completely focused on company events. | An Event Locationi, where the cutting edge in event staging meets design and nature of unparalleled beauty. | scalaria > a live-marketing resort & hotel

The scalaria event resort, on the shores of the Wolfgangsee just outside Salzburg, combines designer rooms, breathtaking venues on site  and professional event organisation to create an unforgettable experience. Quite simply, it is the perfect event hotel location for your corporate event

Whether you’re using it for a business forum or convention, a manager meeting or product presentation, or a strategy and teambuilding event, an event at the scalaria is always a huge show. Against the magical backdrop of the lake, the Alpine resort offers 400 beds in designer rooms, ten seminar and conference rooms with a view, the 1,416-square metre theatre, the ‘DO- X teatro’, with its two integrated flying stages, and the ‘Circus Circus’ theatre restaurant, with its premium live show cuisine. The scalaria is not so much a hotel as an inhabitable, intensely emotional experience.

„Standing Ovations in the head“ 

“Surprise, inspire and astound!’’ With this claim, scalaria, Europe’s superior event resort beside the Wolfgangsee in the Salzkammergut region, comes up with something innovative with every new day, staging masterly events and creating individually designed experience worlds as it does so.  // But enough talking already – the time has come to immerse yourself in the world of scalaria! Here are all the different facts of this highly liveable experience...

... see you

We want to surprise, play with the unusual, and our guests’ spirit of discovery. They should only expect to encounter the unexpected. Nothing can be taken for granted. Peter Gastberger, scalaria
The incredibly attentive service and matchless location of the scalaria, beside the Wolfgangsee, made our event an unforgettable experience. Dr. Edgar Berger, CEO Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Germany)